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Going green is about more than marketing green; it’s a commitment to a philosophy that is at the core of everything we do. It is a way of life, thinking, speaking and acting. It continually evolves and changes which mean that it must be evaluated often. As our knowledge of the environmental issues change, we make a commitment for continuous improvement.

Reaching and obtaining “Green” takes constant dedication. For more than 37 years, we have set the pace in the exhibit industry by producing sound and recyclable display and exhibit solutions in the United States and abroad.

In the UK, Nimlok Limited is the first UK exhibition company to be certified to the international environmental standard ISO 14001. We’re proud to design Nimlok solutions that are manufactured while pursuing those same standards.


We take an active and serious role in helping our clients achieve their goal to “go green.” From Nimlok’s founding in 1970, reusability has been at the core value of all our trade show exhibit solutions. We have always believed passionately that there is a better way than the “build and trash” philosophy that has dominated the majority of traditional display and exhibit construction.

“The Nimlok Way” is based on modular, reconfigurable exhibits and solutions that are engineered, from the start, to be used again and again. The quality and longevity of our exhibit systems are evident in the large quantity of Nimlok equipment still in daily use after more than a quarter of a century. In fact, we see a large number of clients year after year who reconfigure their Nimlok properties to meet their growing needs–saving money while conserving materials.


We are focused on ensuring we create trade show exhibits that maximize recycled content. Our new designs specifically include components that are produced using easily and commonly recycled materials including aluminium and cardboard. On average, 95% of the materials in Nimlok Company designs, based on the total exhibit weight, can be recycled.

We also have initiated a trade show exhibit recycling program, designed to keep old exhibits out of landfill sites. At the end of an exhibit’s life, our clients are invited to return it to Nimlok. We will then sort the components by content and direct them to the recycle stream, at no additional cost to our clients. It’s simply a part of the total exhibiting solution that Nimlok provides.


In unison with our manufacturing facility in Niles, IL, we constantly look for new processes that reduce the harmful elements traditionally used in the exhibit manufacturing process. Nimlok was the first exhibit manufacturer to eliminate airborne solvent based adhesive particles with a hot melt process. Our leading edge graphics production facility has eliminated the use of solvent based printing processes commonly used in this arena by investing in the latest aqueous based dye sublimation printing process methods.

We believe Nimlok is at the absolute forefront of companies in the event and exhibit industry in the use of environmentally friendly printing technology.

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Hannah Doksansky
Hannah Doksansky
18:07 08 May 18
Jim & Cathy did whatever it took to get the job done! They were persistent and kind throughout the entire process, even when things didn't go as planned!
Christine Thomas
Christine Thomas
15:02 04 May 18
I've had the joy of working with Cathy on a custom banner project recently. There is always a lot to communicate when working a custom job. She and here team was always eager to help and I could feel the excitement about the project over the phone. You can't beat the exceptional service and superior product they delivered.
Sage Browning
Sage Browning
18:07 03 May 18
Donna Welch
Donna Welch
17:28 03 May 18
The staff at Design Group, Jim, Kym, and Matt, are absolutely awesome!!!! I have worked with them for years and they are totally professional and go way beyond to help make our booths every year the best they can be! Matt is on site with us and makes sure that every thing runs according to plan. These are GOOD people!!!!!
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
17:20 03 May 18
Extraordinary service! Everyone is so helpful! Highly recommend this company for design to completion.
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