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10 foor flat curved header10 Foot Flat Curved Header 
10 foot angular backwall counter and brochure holder 10 Foot Angular Back Wall Counter and Brochure Holder
10 foot backwall brochure holders10 Foot Back Wall Brochure Holders
10 foot booth with seating and simi-private wall10 Foot Booth With Seating and Semi-Private Wall
10 foot curved header large TV10 Foot Curved Header Large TV
10 foot cureved backwall TV abd counter10 foot Curved Back Wall TV and Counter
10 foot circular booth with standoffs10 Foot Circular Booth With Standoffs
10 foot fabric clothes hangers counter10 Foot Fabric Clothes Hangers Counter
10 foot fabric backdrop10 Foot Fabric Backdrop
10 foot flat backwall and counter shelves10 Foot Flat Back Wall and Counter Shelves
20x20 curved design organic design20×20 Curved Design Organic Design
20x20 curved fabric booth overhead signage20×20 Curved Fabric Booth Overhead Signage


20x20 hanging banner seating and reception desk20×20 Hanging Banner Seating and Reception Desk
20x20 hanging overhead sign20×20 Hanging Overhead Sign
20x20 kisos stations and closet20×20 Kiosk Stations and Closet
20x20 organic style hanging overhead signs20×20 Organic Style Hanging Overhead Signs


20x20 semi-private enclosed booth20×20 Semi-Private Enclosed Booth
20x20 tall booth selling stations20×20 Tall Booth Selling Stations
20x20 tall booth with seating20×20 Tall Booth With Seating
20x20 simple booth with shelves20×20 Simple Booth With Shelves
10 foot booth with curve10 Foot Booth With Curve
10 foot booth210 Foot Booth With Tables
10 foot space110 Foot Space
10 x 10 booth with 3d counter10 x 10 Booth With 3D Counter
10x10 booth overhang10×10 Booth Overhang
10x10 booth with pedestal counter10×10 Booth With Pedestal Counter
10x10 with curved elements10×10 With Curved Elements
10X10 with curved header10×10 With Curved Header
10x10 with return graphic panel10×10 With Return Graphic Panel
10x20 booth with clean lines10×20 Booth With Clean Lines
10x20 booth with custom graphic header10×20 Booth With Custom Graphic Header
10x20 booth with graphics10×20 Booth With Graphics
10x20 booth with kiosks with fabric top10×20 Booth With Kiosks With Fabric Top
10x20 booth with shelving10×20 Booth With Shelving
10x20 tradeshow booth with curved header10×20 Trade Show Booth With Curved Header
10x20 tradeshow booth10×20 Trade Show Booth
10x20 tradeshow booth with overhead signage10×20 Trade Show Booth With Overhead Signage
10x20 tradeshow booth with kiosk10×20 Trade Show Booth With Kiosk
10x20 tradeshow booth210×20 Trade Show Booth 2

Large Exhibits


20x30 elegant booth20 x 30 Elegant Booth
20x30 simple booth hanging banner 20 x 30 Simple Booth Hanging Banner 
20x30 with tall graphics 20 x 30 With Tall Graphics
enclosed 20x30 booth with kiosks 20 x 30 Enclosed Booth With Kiosks
tall 20x30 booth with sale stations 20 x 30 Tall Booth With Sale Stations
20x40 with curved hanging banner 20 x 40 With Curved Hanging Banner
30x40 enclosed conference rooms and slot wall 30 x 40 Enclosed Conference Rooms and Slot Wall
30x40 enclosed storage and sale stations 30 x 40 Enclosed Storage and Sale Stations
30x40 graphic booth with conference area 30 x 40 Graphic Booth With Conference Area
40x60 futuristic booth with enclosed storagejpg 40 x 60 Futuristic Booth With Enclosed Storage



kiosk monitor stand with graphic Kiosk Monitor Stand With Graphic
kiosk monitor stand Kiosk Monitor Stand
merchandise kiosk Merchandise Kiosk
monitor kiosk and seating Monitor Kiosk and Seating
large kiosk with ipad stands Large Kiosk With iPad Stands
square graphic kiosk Square Graphic Kiosk
simple graphic kiosk Simple Graphic Kiosk
two monitor kiosk Two Monitor Kiosk
stand alone monitor kiosk large graphic Stand Alone Monitor Kiosk Large Graphic
two person kiosk Two Person Kiosk
kiosk with graphic fin Kiosk With Graphic Fin




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Hannah Doksansky
Hannah Doksansky
18:07 08 May 18
Jim & Cathy did whatever it took to get the job done! They were persistent and kind throughout the entire process, even when things didn't go as planned!
Christine Thomas
Christine Thomas
15:02 04 May 18
I've had the joy of working with Cathy on a custom banner project recently. There is always a lot to communicate when working a custom job. She and here team was always eager to help and I could feel the excitement about the project over the phone. You can't beat the exceptional service and superior product they delivered.
Sage Browning
Sage Browning
18:07 03 May 18
Donna Welch
Donna Welch
17:28 03 May 18
The staff at Design Group, Jim, Kym, and Matt, are absolutely awesome!!!! I have worked with them for years and they are totally professional and go way beyond to help make our booths every year the best they can be! Matt is on site with us and makes sure that every thing runs according to plan. These are GOOD people!!!!!
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
17:20 03 May 18
Extraordinary service! Everyone is so helpful! Highly recommend this company for design to completion.
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