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Rental Displays

Trade show display rentals make good sense.

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Take everything you thought you knew and trade show exhibit rental design and throw it out the window!

Make a big splash on a smaller budget.

Renting your next exhibit can be a great option if you are looking to maximize your budget. Design Group offers all exhibit types from fully customizable to standard pre-fabricated booths, and we offer rental rates on all exhibit styles. Many options are available and include off-the-shelf packages, semi-custom booth rentals, and fully customized booth rentals. Our turnaround time for rentals is extremely fast, and you can be ready to show even on short notice.


Customizable, cost-effective alternative to purchasing a custom booth


Renting enables you to appear larger and more impressive than what your budget will allow

03.Quick Turn-around

We have a variety of rental components to create your unique look


Change your look from show to show
If you love your rental booth and end up want to keep it permanently, the rental price can be credited to a full purchase of the booth!