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Tabletop Displays

Tabletop displays provide a consistent look for all of your smaller events.

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These displays fit perfectly on tables that are normally provided by venues when hosting an exhibition. 

Not just for tables, use our tabletop displays anywhere!

If you need a smaller display, tabletop displays are a great way to make an impression with less volume. Tabletop banners and displays also make great additional accessories to a full-size booth as well. Table sizes can range from 4, 6, and/or 8ft. normally, and there are options that fit every size.


Perfect for smaller one-on-one presentations


Extremely lightweight and easy to set up, move and take down


Turns your simple table into an eye-catching display


Great tool for sales teams who need to have a cohesive look and story

Hopup, Embrace, and Coyote collapsible displays are designed to cover most of the table space to maximize visibility, and these are still easy to take down and transport in their carry bags. We also offer folding panel displays, table throws and runners, and other collapsible banners like the Xclaim.